The majority of people are facing bleeding, inflammatory gums, wobbly teeth, bad smell from mouth. These might be a sign of periodontal pathology. It often progresses without causing any pain. That is why considering the degree of breach, our doctors are doing periodontitis treatment procedures – the removal of calculus, curettage, surgical and non surgical treatment. Sometimes it is impossible to dispense without surgical cure. Because of this reason teeth or retained teeth removal, tooth root resections and amputations, teeth hemisection, implantation (when the space of missing tooth is filled with titan implant. We are using Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Megagen and Biohorizont implants) are done in our clinic.

  1. Therapeutic teeth treatment
  • With the help of esthetic filling, ugly teeth form is corrected, not matching fillings are replaced with the right ones and the spaces between teeth are filled. It takes only one visit to the dentist to make one’s smile much greater. After filling molar teeth, knolls that are in the chewing surface are restored, because they have special importance for chewing and occlusion.
  • Root canal treatment is a row of complex procedures, when infected tooth pulp is taken away, the canal is broadened and cleaned, pharmaceuticals are put inside and then the canal is filled. Safe and effective treatment is guaranteed both by perfect equipment (electronic apex locator and rentgen) and high qualification of the doctors of our clinic.
  • Children teeth treatment
  1. Surgical teeth treatment


It is an inflammation of the tissues that surround our teeth. When one has periodontitis, periodontal ligament is damaged, gums pockets and teeth stones occur. Pressing gums might cause a flow of pus, the teeth start to wobble. The main way of curing this disease is professional mouth hygiene, when soft and hard thin coating above gums and in their pockets is removed, the patient is taught how to brush his teeth properly, dental pockets are measured. Several months patient follows doctor‘s instructions and cleans spaces between the teeth with special brushes, rinses with certain fluids and returns for control. Then, after the inflammation decreases, the pockets are measured again. If they are bigger than 5 mm, surgical treatment, when these pockets are removed, is recommended. Periodontal patients are invited for prophylactic examination every 4 months. If the situation is stable and the patient knows how and wants to brush his teeth properly, examination is done every 6 months. During these visits concrements are removed and the pockets are measured again. Periodontitis mostly starts from gingivitis – gums inflammation. Having gingivitis, gums bleed when brushing one’s teeth.

Very often patients who are not aware of having gingivitis, start to brush their teeth less often. By doing this they create perfect conditions for thin coating to start accumulating. That is how teeth stones, which are not possible to remove by patients themselves, form.

Gingivitis treatment – professional mouth hygiene and systematic, correct patient’s effort to brush his teeth as well as possible. Gingivitis may also be caused by hanging fillings, inaccurate coronas or bridges, occlusion disorders, some illnesses, the usage of certain pharmaceuticals. Then the reasons that caused gingivitis are being removed.


Modern technologies allow to make a prosthesis that satisfies highest aesthetic and functional requirements, so every prosthesis may be both aesthetic and reliable. Great attention is paid to temporary prosthesis which patient uses until the permanent one is being made. We offer a wide range of prosthetic services. Everyone is able to choose according to appearance and financial abilities.

  1. Inlays, onlays

When tooth corona‘s defect is big and filing might be substandart, we suggest to restore tooth with inlays and onlays rather than with filling.

  1. Veneers

When there is a necessity to change tooth‘s form or color, porcelain veneers might be used. These are thin porcelain plates, which are glued to the surface of the teeth. Before the procedure teeth are polished just a little bit, only in the surface.

  1. Teeth crowns

Teeth crowns are made when there are large (taking over 2/3 healthy tooth) fillings, after endodontic teeth treatment, after the fracture of tooth’s wall, changing the form or color of tooth, strengthening mobile teeth or changing old substandard coronas. Crowns are various. They might be metal, metal ceramics or metal – free ceramics. When permanent coronas are being made, temporary plastic crowns are fixed on teeth.

  1. Dental bridges

Restoring missing tooth (when in some cases the implant is not being applied), the bridge may be made. In this way from both sides of missing tooth‘s space at least one adjacent tooth is polished. Then crowns on these teeth are connected with the missing fake tooth and all bridge is cemented on prepared tooth. The bridge is not removable. To maintain hygiene, special brushes and threads are recommended.

  1. Partial removable prosthesis

When some or more teeth are missing, when supporting teeth are weak or when there are no back teeth, partial removable prosthesis might be a way to solve the problem.

a) Removable prosthesis with various system of fixation is a comfortable removable prosthesis with solid metal basis and a small plastic base with teeth.

b) Partial plastic plates

  1. Full dental plates

When patients do not have their own teeth, there is a possibility of making a full plate. If the the patient suffers from weak prosthesis‘ sticking and inefficient chewing, the possibility to use implants is considered.

  1. Implants

Defects of a single tooth, some or all teeth may be restored by implants. Titan implants are thread into the bone. When some time passes after surgical operation and the implant takes root, there is a possibility to make non removable or removable constructions.

  1. Nightly trays for the patients who gnash

Gnashing at night powers that affect patients’ teeth and their jaw joints, may be harmful. Nightly trays save patients’ teeth and reduce these injurious powers.


The correction of wrong positions and bad occlusion is done with removable or not removable orthodontic structures. Complex treatment may also be adapted for the patients with complicated abnormalities of occlusion, making orthodontics and orthognathic surgery work together, because a beautiful smile requires not only healthy and straight teeth, but also a correct occlusion.


Tooth implant is a titan screw which changes the root when the original tooth is lost. Implants serve as a support for recreation of teeth. When implants take root in the bone (in the lower jaw – 3 months, in the upper – 6), tooth corona, bridge or other construction’s prosthesis is made.

  1. General global implant area is divided to three segments:
  • Premium
  • Value
  • Discount.

The main differences to these segments are:

Premium segment is made of durable, ~40 year clinical investigations, newest technologies, studies and perfect service.

Situations when premium implant is screwed, but prosthetics are made not with original details of implant prosthesis, are getting more usual. In this way accuracy of work is damaged and the warranty to implants is lost. It is very important that original details of prosthetics would be used on original implants, so implants and prosthesis’ details would have all the warranties that the manufacturer provides.

We are using Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Megagen and Biohorizont implants.


1. Professional mouth hygiene (pmh) – the main way of prophylaxis for teeth and periodontal diseases. Every patient wants to have a healthy mouth. Mouth’s hygiene, the control of hygienist, surveillance and prophylaxis helps to have one.
Brushing teeth by themselves, patients leave some hardly approachable places dirty. As time passes, the thin coating starts covering the teeth. These particles gathers in the spaces between teeth, in the riffles of the tooth or near the gums’ edge. Bacterium that live in thin coating dissolves the hard tissue of tooth. That is how dental caries evolves. Also, teeth look non – aesthetic and bad smell from mouth is unavoidable. That is why professional mouth hygiene is a necessary.

In our clinic professional mouth hygiene is being done combining “Air – Flow” system and ultrasonic scaler.

Ultrasonic scaler helps to remove all the stones that are above and below gums, hard thin coating, granulation inflammatory tissues and microorganisms with their toxins from gums‘ pockets.

Air – Flow cleans both soft and hard thin coating from teeth perfectly. For the cleaning, special soda‘s powder with hard water‘s flow and compressed air are used. In this way, remains of smoking, coffee or tea are removed, so teeth become visibly whiter.

When all the remains are removed, teeth are polished from round and round with special brushes or a rubber and paste. After being polished, teeth are more resistant for the accumulation of stones.

Patients are introduced to individually matching ways of mouth care and learned to brush their teeth properly.

2. In our clinic, children are being taught how to brush their teeth properly. Also, prophylactic teeth sulcus coating with sealants. Children mouth health has to be taken care of since the beginning, when deciduous teeth are starting to grow. If one wants to have healthy teeth and gums, the most important thing is an appropriate mouth hygiene. The kid has to be used to brush his teeth since the very young age. A little kid has to start cleaning his teeth with the brush, but his parents have to be the ones who finish the work. Since a little kid is not capable of brushing his teeth on his own, his hands movements are not coordinated enough to make the process effective. Besides, parents have to be an example how one has to brush his teeth. Deciduous teeth are being cleaned with wet gauze after the breakfast. At this period of age the most important thing is to make children withdraw from sweet drinks or teas. It is advisable to limit the amount of sugar in kid‘s ration. When deciduous teeth shoot up, soft teeth brusher and baby tooth paste, which is taken in very small amounts (because the biggest part of it is being swallowed), is used.

When kid is around his 6 years, permanent teeth show up. When they are fully formed, it is recommended to cover them in sealants – special material, who covers deep and unformed riffles. This material protects the teeth from accumulation of plaque and extracts fluorine, which strenghtens enamel in riffles.

There is a widely spread opinion that deciduoud teeth do not have to be treatened, which is absolutely wrong. Uncured teeth cause pain and infection. These may damage the germ of permanent teeth. Premature removal of deciduous teeth might affect the problems of occlusion. It is one of the main reasons for orthodontical diseases. Special for deciduous teeth treatment colorful fillings, which make the process exciting for kids, are created. The first visit to the dentist should be prophylactic. This helps to avoid the fear of teeth treatment in the future.

  1. Functional trainers
  2. Protection dental trays
  3. Whitening – the easiest way to make one‘s smile much better. Following dentist‘s instructions and using modern methods, it is a safe and non-harmful procedure. Before starting whitening, teeth and mucosa have to be treated, calculus must be removed. Synthetic materials that are inside one‘s mouth (fillings or crowns) do not change their color. The only thing that is getting whiter is the tooth.