About us

Dental clinic „Baldentas“ was opened in 1991. Ever since we have started our work, the greatest attention has been paid to the quality of our job: highest quality materials and equipment that are certificated in EU countries are used. One of our greatest aims is to make our patients leave the clinic healthy and smiling, also that they would come visit us again and recommend to others. Dental services will be provided by these dentists:

  • Rasa Girdauskienė
  • Loreta Zinkevičienė
  • Aistė Pocevičienė
  • Enrika Baltsersen
  • Andrius Pocevičius
  • Ieva Andziulienė
  • Hygienist Janina Pupeikienė

And a harmonious team of assistants and an administrator.

All dental services will be provided in our clinic. We will try to answer all your questions quickly and professional. To make sure that the instruments are sterile, contemporary disinfection and sterilization systems are used. These services are provided:

  1. Professional mouth hygiene
  2. Diagnostic radiology (dental, panoramic rentgen pictures)
  3. Teeth whitening
  4. Orthodontic treatment
  5. Periodontology
  6. Therapeutic teeth treatment
    • Esthetical teeth filling
    • Tooth canal treatment
    • Children teeth treatment
  1. Surgical teeth treatment
  2. Implantation
  3. Prosthetic dentistry

Taking into account the fact that not all our patients are able to pay the whole price immediately, there is a possibility to pay in installments. The contracts are signed with General financing leasing, VB life insurance, Ergo, PZU, COMPENSA life insurances.

Prophylaxis and hygiene services:

  1. Professional mouth hygiene
  2. Sealants
  3. Functional treiners
  4. Protection dental trays
  5. Whitening